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2020 NFL Draft: Kent State Jamal Parker 5’8 177 (E) CB-S-KR Kent State

What makes this player NASTY…(Strengths): Has started at both safety and corner for the Golden Flashes. Communicates with fellow DBs. Physical and instinctive. He will stick his foot in the dirt to break forward vs. the screen game with a sixth sense (TFL from 10 yards off, Toledo ’19). Works around traffic in man coverage and -after doing so- can react to tips and overthrows (3rd and 6, 2nd QTR, Bowling Green ’19). Comes up to support the run on the edge after getting off of blocks. In three-deep zone, he displays excellent transition out of his zone turns on sail route concepts (reads eyes of QB through route combo, hands INT, Bowling Green ’19). Adjusts his angles as a blitzer on corner cats to make tackles (Ohio ’19). Affects the three-step passing game in these instances (Ohio ’19). He is capable of breaking down to handle intermediate routes on the perimeter (Toledo ’19). Rakes through the hands of WRs on downfield routes to pilfer balls loose (PBU, 3rd and 11, Toledo ’19-fade pattern). Carries the No. 2 WR vertical and then will go up to high-point interception opportunities (Toledo ’19). After getting beaten, he will keep competing (PBU vs. back-shoulder fade, Tropical Smoothie Cafe Bowl ’19). As a kickoff returner, he runs through traffic at 90 miles per hour much bigger than his size. He has shown the ability to make the last man miss in kickoff coverage as a kickoff returner (98-yd TD, vs. Ohio ’19, called back). Did a good job of returning a squib kick with just under three minutes remaining vs. Utah State in the 2019 Tropical Smoothie Cafe Bowl.

Former Kent State cornerback/kickoff returner Jamal Parker (No. 7 pictured) finished his career with a 27.5 yd/avg. on kickoff returns (TD).

Weaknesses: Size is a major deterrent. Play strength. QBs have slipped out of his grasp on corner blitzes (Rourke breaks tackle, Ohio ’19). In man coverage, he will open the expressway on the outside lanes (Arizona State ’19). He has posted some unnecessary penalties working outside the numbers in man coverage (4th QTR, P.I., Bowling Green ’19). Struggled mightily with the size of Siaosi Mariner in the 2019 Tropical Smoothie Cafe Bowl. Posted a pass interference and allowed fade.

Other Notes:

  • Attended Central Catholic HS (N.J.) and was a football/basketball standout
  • 2016: 28 tackles, QB sack, TFL, 3 INTs (57 yds), PBU and one blocked kick
  • 2017 (11 gms): 57 tackles, QB sack, 2 TFLs, FF, INT and 11 PBUs; 20.8 yds/KR
  • 2018 (12 gms): 83 tackles, TFL, 2 INTs (20 yds), 16-yd FR-TD, 7 PBUs; 30.1 yds/KR
  • 2019 (13 gms, 2nd Team All-MAC): 62 tackles, 3 INTs (21 yds) and 10 PBUs; 27.5 yds/KR and one TD
  • Career Stats: 230 tackles, 2 QB sacks, 4 TFLs, FF, FR, 9 INTs (99 yds), 20 PBUs; 27.5 yds/KR and one TD
Parker also posted 230 tackles, nine interceptions and 20 pass breakups.

Time to get NASTY (Our Summary): The team’s coaches lauded Parker for his energy. In fact, the coaches created a music playlist and always had music playing during practices. Along with defensive lineman Theo Majette, he was a player who stood as one of the centerpieces on a scrappy defensive unit. The reason he made our all-purpose list is because…well, he can do just about everything on the football field. Whether it is playing outside, lining up at safety or returning kickoffs, the former All-MAC selection had a hand in it. In fact, he felt that playing safety helped his overall football IQ.

“It improved my football IQ,” Parker said. “Knowing what everyone else is doing.”

Sam Beal CB Western Michigan

1 Sam Beal 6’1 178 CB-Junior

 What makes this player NASTY…(Strengths): Long. Plays fast. He’s shown outstanding effort in cross-field pursuit (ran down Holsey, 1st play, FF, Buffalo ’17). Excellent body control. Nearly tipped a fade to himself along the sidelines with a high-wire act vs. USC in 2017.   In his bail techniques, he closes out of his zone turns to break downhill. Uses a positive look-and-lean technique in man coverage down the field (press-man). Turns his head to find the ball with his back to the QB.

Weaknesses: Ruled academically ineligible for the 2018 season due to a shortage of credits.   Missed three games as a junior in high school due to a knee injury. A hamstring injury caused him to miss the state finals in track & field as a high school junior. Missed the second half of the Buffalo game and the Akron game in 2017.  Needs to continue to fill out his frame.  He missed some tackles vs. USC in 2017 due to inadequate play strength.  Stands up when breaking forward out of his breaks.

 Other Notes:

  • Attended Ottawa Hills HS (Mich.) and was a four-time All-American in track & field
  • Ran a 10.63 100-meters in the semifinals of the 2013 MHSAA State track & field championships and finished 3rd in the 100-meter finals (10.86)
  • 2015: 15 tackles, PBU
  • 2016: 55 tackles, 8 PBUs
  • 2017 (2nd Team All-MAC): 26 tackles, 3 TFLs, FF, 2 INTs and 10 PBUs
  • 2018 Western Michigan Pro Day: 4.48 40-yd, 10’6” BJ, 37” VJ, 4.09 20-yd SS, 7.1 3-cone

 Time to get NASTY (Our Summary): Beal’s idol is Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson. While not as gifted, he does have similar confidence finding the ball down the field in man-to-man coverage. Despite satisfactory effort running to the ball, he’s been ordinary at times getting off of blocks. In addition, he’s been hit-or-miss as a tackler. The former high school track standout has also endured his share of durability hiccups dating back to his prep level playing career. There is not question, however, that he has starting potential as a press-bail corner at the next level. If he can clean up his off-man technique, it will complement his consistent bump-and-run technique. While there are questions surrounding his inability to stay eligible, the Western Michigan coaches gave him high marks when it came to work ethic and consistency. He is a player that will get consideration in the 2018 NFL Supplemental Draft as a potential second-round option.