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DraftNasty spotlights Michael Porter, Jr.: 2016 Nike Peach Jam highlights

Despite appearing in just three games for the Missouri Tigers in 2017-18 due to a back injury, Porter, Jr. remains firmly in the mix to be a potential Top Five selection in the 2018 NBA Draft.  We went inside the game of the former top-ranked high school recruit prior to his collegiate career during the 2016 Nike EBYL Peach Jam.  Porter, Jr. shared Co-MVP honors with teammate Trae Young in leading Mokan Elite to the Peach Jam championship.


Ben Simmons SF-LSU, 2016 NBA Draft: DraftNasty Throwback

Name: Ben Simmons

Number: 25
Sport: Basketball
Playable Positions (Basketball): SF, PF
School: LSU
Conference: SEC West
Height: 6’10 (E)
Weight: 228
Birthdate: July 20, 1996
Draft Year: 2016

What makes this player NASTY….(Strengths): Athletic bloodlines. High basketball IQ. Floor speed. Ball-handling. Pushes the basketball end-to-end. On-court vision. Excellent passer. Creates easy transition opportunities for teammates. Makes deft overhead passes to cutters going to the basket. Able to find cutters with dime chest passes in half-court sets (Florida ’16). Sets up the screener when the team runs its two-man game at the top of the key. Excellent rebounder on both ends of the floor. Times offensive rebounds and puts it back on the floor straight off the bounce. Led the NCAA in double-doubles as a freshman. Lengthy arms correct plenty of his mistakes on defensive end of the floor. He will be able to operate versus guards on the switch as he moves up to the NBA (vs. Ulis, Kentucky ’16). He’s shown enough physicality to use his standing reach and will absorb the contact vs. low post scoring threats near the block (Lee, Kentucky ’16). When backing down defenders on the right block, he’ll use subtle pump fakes to get them off their feet (Poythress, Kentucky ’15); and he has soft touch on his fallaway jumper from 8-to-10 feet facing the basket. When backing down opponents, he uses his right elbow to propel himself off of one leg going left and will hang in the air with the floater facing the rim. Pivots and spins against pressure with an ease of movement that belies his age. Uses his off-hand (right) well to finish at the hoop. Left-handed dribbler who can finish in the paint versus the trees. Hand-eye coordination is solid when catching alley-oops from mid-court or even just inside the half-court line. As he attacks defenders moving forward he will use crossover (COD) dribbles to move them off their spots. Did a fine job of attacking Marquette’s Henry Ellenson off the dribble and then used his running right-handed floater over the top of him. Contains the ability to split double teams and can finish at the cup (South Alabama ’15).

Weaknesses: Does not shoot the basketball well from depth. Can he extend an NBA defense? Teams gave him an opportunity all season long to show that he could hit the open three-pointer and he turned it down (Marquette ’15). Passivity displayed itself at times in the Oklahoma game when he would defer quite a bit until a run late in the game. Didn’t put the nail in the coffin when the team had a big second half lead. Reluctant three-point shooter (attempted three 3-point shots all season). Took repetitions off on the defensive end in school. Fails to slide his feet consistently with knee bend (Kentucky ’16). Six games with six or more turnovers. Fouled out of four games as a freshman and had four or more fouls in 12 games. Disappeared for games on the offensive end (NC State ’15, Texas A&M ’16).

Other Notes:

  • Dad, Dave, played professional basketball in Europe and Australia and wore the same number as Ben (No. 25)
  • Simmons played the forward position in Rugby while growing up
  • Went on to attend Montverde Academy (Fla.) and won three national championships while there
  • Godfather, David Patrick, was an assistant coach at LSU
  • Brother, Liam, is an assistant coach at Southwest Baptist College (Mo.)
  • 43 points, 14 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 blocked shots and 5 steals vs. North Florida on 12/2/15
  • 21 points (9-of-11 FT), 20 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals, and 3 TOs vs. Marquette in 2015
  • 36 points, 14 rebounds and 4 assists vs. Vanderbilt on 1/2/16
  • 22 points, 14 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals vs. Missouri on 3/1/16
  • 22 double-doubles in 2015-16 to lead the nation
  • 2015-16 (USA Today National Freshman of the Year, 1st Team All-SEC, Sporting News National Freshman of the Year, SEC Freshman of the Year): 34.9 MPG, 19.2 PPG, 56% FG, 33.3% 3-PT, 67% FT, 11.8 RPG, 4.8 APG, 2 SPG, 3.4 TPG

Time to get NASTY….(Our Summary): He could become the first number one overall pick to not play in the NCAA Tournament since Mychal Thompson (1978-Portland Trail Blazers). With that said, the
competitiveness factor should not be considered because the team didn’t make the tournament or due to his decision not to workout at the NBA combine. The most concerning part of his game may be between the ears. Simmons has not been shy about telling his team that: 1) he wouldn’t play in the NIT, and 2) that he wasn’t available to workout for certain NBA teams. For a player who didn’t always assert himself during school, there are questions left for NBA teams regardless of his unique combination of ball-handling, court vision and rebounding skill.

Projection: Lottery (1st Round)

Athleticism: .87
Balance: .88
Strength: .83
Speed/Quickness: .84
Explosiveness/Agility: .79
Sport IQ: .76
Vision/Hand-eye coordination: .76
Size: .88

Calculated Rating: 6.61

DraftNasty Throwback: Memphis Grizzlies SF Justise Winslow-‘Equal Justise’

Throughout his one year on Duke’s campus, Justise Winslow showcased extreme positional versatility. In fact, he scored double figures in 19 of his final 20 games as a Duke Blue Devil. We went inside the Grizzlies small forward’s game five years ago in our video spotlight leading up to the 2015 NBA Draft .

Duke’s Justise Winslow was one of the more versatile players in NCAA basketball in 2014-15. Winslow averaged 29.1 MPG, 12.6 PPG, 48.6% FG, 41.8% 3-PT, 64.1% FT, 6.5 RPG, 2.1 APG, 0.9 BPG, and 1.3 SPG as a freshman.

2015 NBA Combine results

Notre Dame’s Pat Connaughton firmly established himself as one of the top athletes in this year’s draft with an outstanding performance in both the drills and jumps at the 2015 NBA Combine.

2015 NBA Combine Results      
PLAYERPOSLane Agility TimeShuttle Run3/4 sprintStanding VJMax VJ
Cliff AlexanderPF-C
Justin AndersonSF-SG11.12.883.223843
Brandon AshleyPF11.33.353.5831.535.5
Ryan BoatrightPG10.793.053.263241
Devin BookerSG10.222.753.2827.534.5
Anthony BrownSF-SG11.063.293.1827.534.5
Willie Cauley-SteinC
Rakeem ChristmasPF-C11.573.33.4729
Pat ConnaughtonSG10.743.083.237.544
Quinn CookPG11.283.413.3824.531
Branden DawsonPF12.373.533.228.534.5
Sam DekkerSF10.712.963.2825.534.5
Michael Frazier IISG10.83.023.322435
Treveon GrahamSF11.63.153.328.531.5
Jerian GrantPG
Olivier HanlanPG-SG11.363.123.252834
Montrezl HarrellPF
Aaron HarrisonSG3.2728.534.5
Andrew HarrisonPG11.163.3426.533
Tyler HarveySG10.522.933.442628.5
Corey HawkinsSG-PG10.973.5128.534
Rondae Hollis-JeffersonSF10.513.193.123238
Richaun HolmesPF11.373.313.3232.536
Jonathan HolmesPF-SF10.973.123.5125.531
R.J. HunterSG10.972.913.2627.533.5
Vince HunterPF11.333.063.2633.537.5
Mouhammadou JaitehC-PF12.053.083.3824.531.5
Stanley JohnsonSF
Dakari JohnsonC11.52.943.6222.525
Tyus JonesPG11.892.953.3226.532.5
Frank KaminskyC-PF
Kevon LooneyPF
Trey LylesPF
Jarell MartinPF11.122.973.2728.534.5
TJ McConnellPG10.843.093.32631.5
Chris McCulloughPF
Jordan MickeyPF11.83.133.283337.5
Larry NancePF10.893.013.252937.5
Kelly OubreSF-SG11.13.123.3234.537
Cameron PaynePG10.892.933.283035.5
Terran PettewaySG10.963.13.322531
Bobby PortisPF11.713.283.562531.5
Norman PowellSG10.763.23.232.540.5
Michael QuallsSG-SF11.883439.5
Chasson RandlePG10.612.813.233.539.5
Terry RozierPG-SG10.882.843.153338
D’Angelo RussellPG-SG
Keifer SykesPG10.53.153.133443
TaShawn ThomasPF11.693.243.472630.5
Marcus ThorntonPG-SG10.962.883.0234.543

2015 NBA Combine Measurements

The 2015 NBA Combine featured a number of players vying for early-round status in a class known more for substance than style. Kentucky’s Willie Cauley-Stein (seen pictured blocking shot) measured over 7-feet with shoes, registered a 9’3″ standing reach and had a 7’3″ wingspan.

Cliff AlexanderPF-C0.0589.510.256' 7.25''6' 8.5''9' 1.5''239.27' 3.5''
Justin AndersonSF-SG0.058.59.56' 5.25''6' 6.25''8' 5''230.66' 11.75''
Brandon AshleyPF0.08899.56' 7.25''6' 8.5''8' 9''2287' 3.75''
Ryan BoatrightPG0.0667.58.755' 10''5' 11''7' 8.5''169.66' 0.5''
Devin BookerSG0.0838.7596' 4.5''6' 5.75''8' 6.5''205.86' 8.25''
Anthony BrownSF-SG0.0618.596' 5.25''6' 8.5''8' 8.5''2116' 11.25''
Willie Cauley-SteinC0.0639.596' 11.25''7' 0.5''9' 3''242.47' 3''
Rakeem ChristmasPF-C0.0969.2596' 8.25''6' 9.75''9' 2.5''242.67' 5.25''
Pat ConnaughtonSG0.1028.59.256' 4''6' 5.25''8' 0''2156' 8''
Quinn CookPG0.0677.58.756' 0.25''6' 2''8' 0.5''1796' 4''
Branden DawsonPF0.05898.756' 5.5''6' 6.75''8' 9''230.26' 11''
Sam DekkerSF0.0758.59.256' 7.75''6' 9''8' 10''218.66' 11.5''
Michael Frazier IISG0.0748.259.256' 3.75''6' 4.25''8' 5.5''199.46' 8''
Treveon GrahamSF0.0558.58.256' 4.75''6' 5.75''8' 7''219.46' 10.5''
Jerian GrantPG0.0568.258.56' 3.25''6' 4.25''8' 4''1986' 7.5''
Olivier HanlanPG-SG0.04388.756' 3.25''6' 4.25''8' 4''185.86' 6''
Montrezl HarrellPF0.11999.756' 7''6' 7.5''9' 1''253.47' 4.25''
Aaron HarrisonSG0.068.75106' 4.5''6' 6''8' 4.5''209.26' 8.25''
Andrew HarrisonPG0.0598.259.256' 4.5''6' 5.5''8' 4''213.26' 9''
Tyler HarveySG0.0927.758.756' 2.75''6' 4''8' 2.5''181.46' 5.5''
Corey HawkinsSG-PG0.0558.7596' 0.75''6' 1.75''8' 3.5''191.86' 8''
Rondae Hollis-JeffersonSF0.058.759.756' 5.5''6' 7''8' 8''210.87' 2''
Jonathan HolmesPF-SF0.0728.259.56' 8.25''6' 9.25''8' 11.5''242.26' 11.5''
Richaun HolmesPF0.0888.58.56' 8.25''6' 9.5''9' 0''242.87' 1.5''
Vince HunterPF0.04698.756' 6.75''6' 7.5''8' 8.5''208.46' 11''
R.J. HunterSG0.068.58.256' 4.5''6' 6''8' 8''1856' 10.5''
Mouhammadou JaitehC-PF0.09999.256' 9.5''6' 10.5''9' 2.5''246.87' 3.25''
Dakari JohnsonC0.1499.2510.56' 11''6' 11.75''9' 4''264.67' 2''
Stanley JohnsonSF0.075996' 5''6' 6.5''8' 6''241.86' 11.5''
Tyus JonesPG0.0658.258.756' 0.25''6' 2''8' 1''184.66' 5''
Frank KaminskyC-PF0.0948.59.56' 11.75''7' 0.75''9' 1.5''231.26' 11''
Kevon LooneyPF0.1199.59.256' 8''6' 9.25''9' 2''222.47' 3.5''
Trey LylesPF0.1219.2510.256' 9''6' 10.25''9' 0''241.27' 1.5''
Jarell MartinPF0.1018.259.56' 8''6' 9.25''8' 10.5''238.66' 9''
TJ McConnellPG0.0737.576' 0.5''6' 2''8' 0.5''187.86' 2''
Chris McCulloughPF0.0628.758.756' 8.25''6' 9''9' 1''1997' 3.25''
Jordan MickeyPF0.0728.759.56' 7''6' 8.25''8' 10''2387' 3.25''
Larry NancePF0.06499.756' 7.5''6' 8.5''9' 0''226.67' 1.5''
Kelly OubreSF-SG0.05798.756' 5.75''6' 6.75''8' 6.5''202.87' 2.25''
Cameron PaynePG0.0638.58.256' 0.75''6' 1.5''8' 1.5''182.86' 7.25''
Terran PettewaySG0.0498.258.256' 4.75''6' 6''8' 8.5''209.26' 11.25''
Bobby PortisPF0.0899.59.256' 9.5''6' 10.5''9' 0.5''246.27' 2''
Norman PowellSG0.0649.2596' 3''6' 4.25''8' 6.5''215.46' 10.75''
Michael QuallsSG-SF0.04910.256' 4''6' 5''8' 8.5''201.47' 0.25''
Chasson RandlePG0.0458.59.56' 0.25''6' 1.5''8' 0.5''178.86' 7''
Terry RozierPG-SG0.0568.258.56' 0.75''6' 2.25''8' 2.5''190.26' 8.25''
D'Angelo RussellPG-SG0.0838.759.756' 3.25''6' 5''8' 6''193.46' 9.75''
Keifer SykesPG0.058.59.55' 10.5''5' 11.75''7' 9''167.26' 2''
TaShawn ThomasPF0.12499.256' 7.25''6' 8''9' 0''240.27' 2''
Marcus ThorntonPG-SG0.0538.258.56' 1.75''6' 2.75''8' 1.5''177.46' 7.75''
J.P. TokotoSF-SG0.04188.756' 5.25''6' 6.25''8' 4.5''195.86' 10''
Myles TurnerC-PF0.0939.259.256' 9.75''6' 11.5''9' 4''238.67' 4''
Robert UpshawC0.12510116' 10.75''7' 0''9' 5''258.27' 5.5''
Rashad VaughnSG0.06288.56' 3.75''6' 5''8' 5''198.66' 7''
Chris WalkerPF0.051996' 8.75''6' 9.25''9' 0''2087' 2.75''
Dez WellsSG0.0818.759.756' 3''6' 4''8' 4.5''208.86' 9.5''
Aaron WhitePF-SF0.088.759.256' 7.75''6' 8.75''8' 10.5''219.86' 11.5''
Alan WilliamsPF0.128.59.56' 7.25''6' 8.25''8' 10.5''261.47' 1.75''
Justise WinslowSF0.0538.59.256' 4.5''6' 6.5''8' 8.5''221.86' 10.25''
Christian WoodPF0.1479.2510.756' 9.25''6' 10.5''9' 3.5''2167' 3.25''

DraftNasty 2012 NBA Draft preview: Terrence Jones F Kentucky

It’s been a mixed bag for Jones after becoming the Houston Rockets 18th pick in the first round of the 2012 NBA Draft.  While he has averaged 10.5 points and 5.7 rebounds per game in six NBA campaigns, he was regulated to just three games with the Milwaukee Bucks in 2017-18 before being released.  He was recently acquired by the Santa Cruz Warriors of the NBA’s G League in December 2017.

Tyshawn Taylor PG Kansas: Brooklyn Nets 2012 NBA Draft, 2nd Round, 41st Overall

Taylor’s floor speed and improvement in his senior year propelled him to second round status in the 2012 NBA Draft. If he can improve his decision-making, Taylor could become one of the sleepers in this year’s draft class.  After playing two years for the Brooklyn Nets, Taylor has gone on to play overseas in the BSN league, LPB league, Israeli premier league and Turkish Basketball First League.