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Q&A with Chicago Bears DE Trevis Gipson: “Put in the work”

Tulsa defensive end Trevis Gipson totaled 13 quarterback sacks in college and in 2019 doubled his sack production from four to eight. DraftNasty’s Corey Chavous caught up with Gipson (6’3, 259) during the 2020 Senior Bowl media day to discuss his favorite pass rush moves and the chances of improving his draft stock.

Chavous: You worked so much at the four-technique (DL) and oftentimes you play bigger than your size, what do you feel like this week offers in terms of showing you can be as an edge rusher?
Gipson: I feel like that will show my versatility to scouts and general managers that will be observing our practice. Like you said, I came in sometimes four-I (inside shade of tackle), four (head-up versus offensive tackle) or sometimes even five (outside shoulder of offensive tackle), but just being on that edge showing I can bull rush or speed rush, speed-to-power, just showing a lot of versatility in my pass rush. I feel like that will help my overall draft stock at the end of the day.

Gipson finished his Golden Hurricane career with 25.5 tackles for losses and eight forced fumbles.

Chavous: Some of our notes on you include the right-hand post from the left defensive end spot and then using that same arm to dip and make the 90-degree turn against Cincinnati this year. When you go against bigger tackles, like the guys you’ll face this week, do you feel like your long arms will allow you to get some extension away from these big tackles?
Gipson: I feel like it will. I have certain moves for certain tackles. Taller tackles I like to dip the corner or use my speed because they are longer than me. It all depends on what type of tackle I’m going against and just being able to turn that corner…wearing that down. That will open my opportunities to do the bull rush or power pass rushes overall.

Chavous: Do you think if you show here what you showed against other Power 5 teams that you could move up into the first round discussion?
Gipson: Most definitely, my confidence in myself is out of this roof. I feel like once I show them my pass rush is unstoppable in my opinion then it will help my draft stock. Overall, run-stopping, also, I feel like that will help me. Just dominating in all aspects man, that’s a part of my game plan. Of course everyone wants their draft stock to rise, but you’ve got put in the work to do it. That’s my first milestone and I’ll cross that coming this afternoon (here at the Senior Bowl).

Chavous: You kind of touched upon it, you’re a good run defender. That separates you from potentially some of the other players. Why is it such a commitment to you in terms of holding the point or being able to two-gap?
Gipson: In order to get to third down, you have to stop first and second.

Chavous: Yeah.
Gipson: I feel like I have more fun rushing the passer but I can’t do that unless I stop the run first. Of course delivering big hits….just enjoying the physicality of the game, that’s part of the reason I do it man. I love the game. You can’t take physicality or you can’t take running away from the game. Everybody is gonna run the ball. Some teams more than others…like Navy.

Chavous: Right, right.
Gipson: I didn’t get many pass rushes versus them (Navy).

Chavous: Protect your legs….(laughs).
Gipson: Ah man, I had blood coming down my shins and everything. It was crazy man. But stopping the run is a big part of getting to that third down and that’s what comes first. So I take that more serious.

Chavous: You kind of remind me of those guys who are multi-dimensional, like Za’Darius Smith or Preston Smith, the guys that play up in Green Bay. Guys who can play the run and rush the passer. Who do you pattern your game after at the next level? Maybe a guy where you say that kind of reminds me of myself a little bit. I can work on developing some of what he already has in his arsenal.
Gipson: I like to compare myself to Marcus Davenport (New Orleans Saints), he’s 6-foot-7 (6’6″). But just his story, coming out of UTSA, a small school, he was underlooked.

Chavous: He kind of rose up during this week (Senior Bowl) too, right?
Gibson: Yeah, he did and that’s my plan. Seeing him become the 14th overall pick, it just gave me nothing but hope and pride. I’m going to try and kill this week and show scouts what I can do. Overall, perform at a high level.

Chavous: Thanks a lot man, we enjoyed watching you play. Best of luck.
Gibson: Thanks a lot.

DraftNasty’s 2020 NFL Draft: Non-combine invite Big Board (TOP 300)

In anticipation of Corey Chavous’ 2020 NFL Draft Guide/Free Agency recap (4/21/20), we give a sneak peek at many of the players featured in the publication. The number of prospects vying to be one of the 255 names called runs long and deep. Led by Colorado offensive lineman Arlington Hambright (No. 51 pictured), here is a list of players with draftable grades who hope to get into an NFL training camp this summer.

1Arlington HambrightOT-OGColorado, Oklahoma State5.793rd Round
2Kristian WilkersonWRSE Missouri State5.763rd Round
3Xavier JonesRBSMU5.674th Round
4Kevin DotsonOGLouisiana-Lafayette5.6654th Round
5Dayan Lake (Ghanwoloku)CB-NickelBYU5.654th Round
6Tyler Hall CB/All-PurposeWyoming5.634th Round
7Jalen McCleskeyWRTulane, Oklahoma State5.614th Round
8Luke JurigaOC-OGWestern Michigan5.6054th Round
9Julian Good-JonesOC-OTIowa State5.64th Round
10Ben EllefsonTE/H-backNorth Dakota State5.5854th Round
11Scotty WashingtonWRWake Forest5.574th Round
12Ja’Marcus BradleyWRLouisiana-Lafayette5.5074th Round
13Hasise DuboisWRVirginia5.54th Round
14Tyler HuntleyQBUtah5.464th Round
15Jovante MoffattSMiddle Tennessee5.464th Round
16Dele HardingLBIllinois5.444th Round
17Kyahva TezinoLBSan Diego State5.434th Round
18Brayvion RoyDTBaylor5.434th Round
19Josh PearsonWRJacksonville State5.424th Round
20Javin WhiteS-LBUNLV5.4114th Round
21Chris OrrLBWisconsin5.414th Round
22JoJo WardWRHawaii5.3654th Round
23Joe GazianoDE-DTNorthwestern5.3524th Round
24Patrick NelsonS-LBSMU5.3414th Round
25Isaiah RodgersCB/All-PurposeUMass5.344th Round
26Luc BarcooCBSan Diego State5.3324th Round
27Rojesterman Farris IICBHawaii5.2954th Round
28Maurice FfrenchWRPittsburgh5.294th Round
29Delontae ScottDE-OLBSMU5.2234th Round
30Chris TooleyCB-NickelFlorida Atlantic5.24th Round
31Drew RichmondOTUSC, Tennessee 5.195th Round
32Charles OliverCBTexas A&M5.195th Round
33Donell StanleyOC-OGSouth Carolina5.195th Round
34Myles DornSNorth Carolina5.195th Round
35Steven GonzalezOGPenn State5.1855th Round
36Evan KsiezarczykOTBuffalo5.1855th Round
37Cam GillLBWagner5.175th Round
38Darrin PauloOTUtah5.175th Round
39Chris JacksonCBMarshall5.165th Round
40Jared MaydenSAlabama5.165th Round
41Garrett MarinoDTUAB5.155th Round
42Ron’Dell CarterDEJames Madison5.155th Round
43Trevon McSwainDTDuke5.145th Round
44Daishawn DixonOGSan Diego State5.1345th Round
45Isaiah WrightAll-PurposeTemple5.135th Round
46Jovahn FairOG-OCTemple5.135th Round
47Jordan StecklerOT-OGNorthern Illinois5.125th Round
48Tyler HigbyOG-OC-OTMichigan State5.125th Round
49Austin EdwardsDEFerris State5.125th Round
50Reggie CorbinRBIllinois5.1055th Round
51Marcel Spears, Jr.LBIowa State5.15th Round
52Jeremiah DinsonSAuburn5.0935th Round
53Isiah SwannCBDartmouth5.095th Round
54Jonah WilliamsDE-DTWeber State5.0855th Round
55Mason FineQBNorth Texas5.085th Round
56Jamal ParkerCB/All-PurposeKent State5.085th Round
57John PhillipsOGBoston College5.075th Round
58Bryan WrightLBCincinnati5.0655th Round
59Kirk MerrittWRArkansas State, Oregon, Texas A&M5.0615th Round
60Kendall HintonAll-PurposeWake Forest5.055th Round
61Michael DannaDEMichigan, CMU5.055th Round
62Nick TianoQBChattanooga, Mississippi State5.045th Round
63Elijah RileyS-CBArmy5.045th Round
64Darius BradwellRBTulane5.0325th Round
65George CampbellWRWest Virginia, FSU5.035th Round
66Cameron ScarlettAll-PurposeStanford5.035th Round
67Shane ZylstraWRMinnesota State5.035th Round
68Tavien FeasterRBSouth Carolina, Clemson5.015th Round
69Josh LoveQBSan Jose State5.015th Round
70Nick WestbrookWRIndiana5.0055th Round
71Josh HammondWRFlorida4.975th Round
72Chris RowlandAll-PurposeTennessee State4.965th Round
73Reid SinnettQBSan Diego4.9515th Round
74Saiosi MarinerWRUtah State, Utah4.955th Round
75Brady AielloOTOregon4.955th Round
76Ledarius MackLBBuffalo4.955th Round
77Reid SinnettQBSan Diego4.9415th Round
78Sam FranklinS-NickelTemple4.945th Round
79Bryce HuffDE-OLBMemphis4.9355th Round
80Mason KinseyWRBerry College4.9345th Round
81Daniel BrownCBNevada4.9335th Round
82Chris PlattWRBaylor4.935th Round
83Rodney SmithAll-PurposeMinnesota4.925th Round
84Chauncy HaneyDE-OLBNorth Greenville4.9095th Round
85Jason HuntleyAll-PurposeNew Mexico State4.9055th Round
86Jake BenzingerOTWake Forest4.885th Round
87Branden BowenOT-OGOhio State4.885th Round
88Bryce PerkinsQBVirginia4.875th Round
89Travis BruffyOTTexas Tech4.875th Round
90Douglas Coleman IIIS-NickelTexas Tech4.875th Round
91Tremari “T.J.” BrunsonLBSouth Carolina4.875th Round
92Artavis PierceRBOregon State4.875th Round
93Bryce SterkDE-OLBMontana State4.875th Round
94Koby QuansahLBDuke4.875th Round
95Juwan WashingtonAll-PurposeSan Diego State4.8555th Round
96Ahmed WagnerWR/TE/H-backKentucky4.8495th Round
97Nigel WarriorSTennessee4.845th Round
98Austin HallLB-NickelMemphis4.845th Round
99John HoustonLBUSC4.835th Round
100Farrod GreenTE/H-backMississippi State4.835th Round
101David DowellSMichigan State4.835th Round
102Josh ThomasSAppalachian State4.835th Round
103Tyler MabryTE/H-backMaryland4.825th Round
104Jordan JohnsonOC-OGUCF4.8125th Round
105Lucky JacksonWRWestern Kentucky4.8045th Round
106Christian RozeboomLBSouth Dakota State4.85th Round
107Chris WilliamsonNB-SafetyMinnesota4.85th Round
108Parnell MotleyCBOklahoma4.755th Round
109Jordan GlasgowLBMichigan4.745th Round
110Tommy StevensQB/H-BackMississippi State, Penn State4.735th Round
111Tyler ClarkDT-DEGeorgia4.7235th Round
112Chris WilliamsDTWagner4.725th Round
113Jordan FehrLBAppalachian State4.725th Round
114Zack JohnsonOGNorth Dakota State4.686th Round
115Jericho FlowersCB-NickelUNLV4.6716th Round
116Victor JohnsonOTAppalachian State4.676th Round
117Johnathon JohnsonWRMissouri4.666th Round
118Derrick DillonWRLSU4.656th Round
119Brandon WaltonOTFAU4.656th Round
120Micah SimonWRBYU4.656th Round
121Kayon WhitakerDE-OLBMaine4.6496th Round
122Justin PoluOTUNLV4.646th Round
123Deshaunte JonesWRIowa State4.646th Round
124Blake LynchS-LB-NickelBaylor4.646th Round
125Krys BarnesLBUCLA4.636th Round
126Javon HaganSOhio4.636th Round
127Sam TecklenburgOC-OGBaylor4.636th Round
128Jared HilbersOTWashington4.626th Round
129Gerold BrightRBUtah State4.626th Round
130Dustin WoodardOCMemphis4.626th Round
131Omari CobbLBMarshall4.625th Round
132Greg LiggsCB-S-NickelElon4.626th Round
133Oluwole Betiku, Jr.DE-OLBIllinois4.6126th Round
134Dominik EberlePKUtah State4.616th Round
135Sean PollardOC-OTClemson4.66th Round
136Jace WhittakerCB-NickelArizona4.66th Round
137Tae CrowderLBGeorgia4.5915th Round
138JuJu HughesS-NickelFresno State4.596th Round
139Rashad RobinsonDEJames Madison4.5896th Round
140Kurt RawlingsQBYale4.586th Round
141Will SutherlandCBTroy4.586th Round
142Elex WoodworthOG-OTNorth Texas4.586th Round
143Amari HendersonCBWake Forest4.576th Round
144Adrian KillinsAll-PurposeUCF4.576th Round
145Moe NealRBSyracuse4.5656th Round
146Gage CervenkaOG-OCClemson4.566th Round
147Joey BanksSBuffalo4.566th Round
148Cody GracePArkansas State4.566th Round
149Adrian MageeOG-OTLSU4.5546th Round
150Zach ShackelfordOCTexas4.556th Round
151Stanley GreenSIllinois4.556th Round
152Joseph McWilliamsCB-NickelGrambling State4.556th Round
153Tershawn WartonDT-DEMissouri S&T4.546th Round
154Tre’vour Wallace-SimmsOGMissouri4.546th Round
155Seth DawkinsWRLouisville4.546th Round
156P.J. HallS-NickelTulane4.5346th Round
157Keith Washington IICBWest Virginia, Michigan4.536th Round
158Doug CostinDTMiami (OH.)4.536th Round
159Jacob KnippQBNorthern Colorado4.516th Round
160Brendon HayesDT-DEUCF4.56th Round
161Robert “BB” LandersDTOhio State4.56th Round
162Kirk LivingstoneDE-DTUSF4.4936th Round
163Benny Walls IISTemple4.496th Round
164Nathan RourkeQBOhio4.486th Round
165DeMarkus AcyCBMissouri4.486th Round
166Cedric Byrd IIWRHawaii4.486th Round
167Desmond FranklinSAppalachian State4.486th Round
168Dalton SchoenWRKansas State4.476th Round
169Kekoa NawahineSBoise State4.476th Round
170Michael Jacquet IIICBLouisiana-Lafayette4.466th Round
171Teair TartDT-DEFIU4.466th Round
172Marcus PettifordOC-OTNorth Carolina A&T4.4536th Round
173Marquell HarrellOGAuburn4.446th Round
174Alex TurnerDT-DEECU4.436th Round
175Parker HoustonFB/TE/LS/H-backSan Diego State4.4246th Round
176Bryce MeekerOTIowa State4.426th Round
177Debione RenfroCBTexas A&M4.416th Round
178James LockhartDE-OLBBaylor4.416th Round
179Boss TagaloaOCUCLA4.4046th Round
180Rashad SmithLBFAU4.46th Round
181Aleva HifoAll-PurposeBYU4.46th Round
182Adonis DavisCBAbilene Christian4.46th Round
183Chad SmithLBClemson4.396th Round
184Julius LewisCB-NickelTCU4.386th Round
185Tucker McCannPK-PMissouri4.3736th Round
186Noah TogiaiTE/H-backOregon State4.3726th Round
187Dieter EiselenOGYale4.376th Round
188Leo LewisLBMississippi State4.376th Round
189Manny PattersonCBMaine4.376th Round
190Cole ChristiansenLBArmy4.376th Round
191Antonio Jones-DavisLBNorthern Illinois4.366th Round
192Frederick MauigoaOCWashington State4.346th Round
193Perry YoungLBCincinnati4.346th Round
194Gabe SewellLBNevada4.336th Round
195Javon MosleyOTNew Mexico4.326th Round
196Brandon KempOTValdosta State4.316th Round
197Blake BrandelOTOregon State4.316th Round
198Brandon HeicklenPSan Diego State, Boise State4.3066th Round
199Jonathan WardRBCentral Michigan4.296th Round
200Jordan WilliamsLBBaylor4.2896th Round
201Garrett TaylorSPenn State4.286th Round
202Nate EvansLBUCF4.276th Round
203Case CookusQBNorthern Arizona4.276th Round
204Kash DanielLBKentucky4.2676th Round
205Khalil TateQBArizona4.246th Round
206Dom MaggioPWake Forest4.2276th Round
207John DakaLBJames Madison4.26th Round
208Mike PanasiukDTMichigan State4.197th Round
209Jake FruhmorgenOC-OTBaylor, Clemson4.197th Round
210Jameson HoustonCBBaylor4.1867th Round
211Donavan HaleWRIndiana4.187th Round
212Marcus KeyesOGOklahoma State4.177th Round
213Ray LimaDTIowa State4.1647th Round
214Devin StudstillSUSF, Notre Dame4.167th Round
215Amir WattsDTPittsburgh4.167th Round
216KiAnte HardinAll-PurposePittsburg State, Minnesota4.167th Round
217Jordan CronkriteRBUSF, Florida4.157th Round
218Ben DiNucciQBJames Madison4.157th Round
219David Reese IILBFlorida4.157th Round
220Morgan JamesOGCincinnati4.157th Round
221Perry YoungLBCincinnati4.157th Round
222Sage LewisLBFIU4.1457th Round
223Ahmere DorseyAll-PurposeRhode Island4.1437th Round
224Riley StapletonWR/H-backJames Madison4.147th Round
225Lavonta TaylorS-CB-NickelFSU4.147th Round
226Jaquarius LandrewsSMississippi State4.137th Round
227Solomon MatautiaLBHawaii4.137th Round
228Andre BaccelliaWRWashington4.127th Round
229Parker BraunOGTexas, Georgia Tech4.0917th Round
230Levi BrownOCMarshall4.097th Round
231Jake BrownOC-OGUCF4.087th Round
232Kobe SmithDTSouth Carolina4.087th Round
233Jake NelsonOG-OTNevada4.087th Round
234T.J. CarterDT-DEKentucky4.087th Round
235Monquavion BrinsonCBGeorgia Southern4.087th Round
236Takeke LewisCBUtah4.077th Round
237Ty PhillipsDTGeorgia Southern4.077th Round
238Austin LeeSBYU4.0627th Round
239Greg ReavesLBUSF4.0577th Round
240Devin CatesTE/H-backDrake4.057th Round
241Reggie FloydSVirginia Tech4.047th Round
242Delrick Abrams, Jr.CBColorado4.047th Round
243Jeremy SmithCBArkansas State4.047th Round
244Breiden FehokoDTLSU4.027th Round
245Sam SlomanPKMiami (OH.)4.017th Round
246Kevin ThurmonDT-DEArkansas State4.017th Round
247Nicholas KaltmeyerOTKansas State3.997th Round
248Garrett LarsonOCBoise State3.977th Round
249Jarius MoreheadSNC State3.967th Round
250Tyrique McGheeCB-NickelGeorgia3.967th Round
251Allen Stallings IVDE-OLBIndiana3.957th Round
252Austin CappsOGArkansas3.957th Round
253Adam HoltorfOCKansas State3.937th Round
254Marcus NormanOTUSF3.9267th Round
255Reggie WalkerDE-OLBKansas State3.97th Round
256Deondre FrancoisQBHampton, FSU3.97th Round
257Hakeem BaileyCBWest Virginia3.897th Round
258Deshawn McCleaseRBVirginia Tech3.897th Round
259Scott FrantzOTKansas State3.897th Round
260Luther KirkSIllinois State3.8827th Round
261Cooper RothePKWyoming3.877th Round
262Kendall FutrellLBECU3.877th Round
263Jake HartbargerPMichigan State3.8457th Round
264Alex KinneyPColorado3.847th Round
265Romeo FinleyLBMiami (Fla.)3.837th Round
266Johnny WilsonOCOklahoma State3.827th Round
267Jonathan WilsonDE-DTMemphis3.817th Round
268Michael FarkasPOhio3.797th Round
269Asmar BilalLBNotre Dame3.797th Round
270Da’Quan PattonLBKansas State3.787th Round
271Anthony McKinneyOTTCU3.7487th Round
272Ethan AguayoLBSan Jose State3.737th Round
273Steve NielsenOTEastern Michigan3.727th Round
274Tyler MitchellOGKansas State3.7057th Round
275Mitch BrottOTMontana State3.667th Round
276Adam Shuler IIDT-DEWest Virginia, Florida3.6437th Round
277Carter StanleyQBKansas3.647th Round
278David MoaDT-DEBoise State3.6387th Round
279Kyle HintonOGWashburn3.67th Round
280Matt AmmendolaPKOklahoma State3.597th Round
281Jaron BryantCBFresno State3.597th Round
282Paul NosworthyOGBuffalo, Grambling State3.597th Round
283Christopher UngaDT-NGUtah State3.5547th Round
284Benning Potoa’eDT-DEWashington3.547th Round
285Louis ZervosPKOhio3.537th Round
286Evan AdamsOGSyracuse3.49Free Agent
287Colby GoreCBECU3.49Free Agent
288Josh BrownOTCollege of Idaho3.485Free Agent
289Darnell SalomonWRUSF3.48Free Agent
290Trey DishonDTKansas State3.48Free Agent
291Michael WitherspoonCBECU3.48Free Agent
292Joel WhitfordPWashington3.475Free Agent
293Eric QuevedoOGBoise State3.47Free Agent
294Jesse OsunaLBSan Jose State3.46Free Agent
295Steven “Buckshot” CalvertQBLiberty3.46Free Agent
296Deondre FarrierWRECU3.45Free Agent
297Cody CreasonOGArizona3.45Free Agent
298Myles CheatumDT-DESan Diego State3.441Free Agent
299Gus LavakaOGOregon State3.44Free Agent
300Steven MillerOGArizona State3.43Free Agent
301Blake CusickPFresno State3.41Free Agent
302Mike LeeSKansas3.403Free Agent
303DJ WilliamsCB-NickelUtah State3.37Free Agent
304Mike HortonOGAuburn3.37Free Agent
305Jalen PriceDT-DEECU3.35Free Agent
306Reakwon JonesLBIndiana3.31Free Agent
307Cooper EdmistonLBTulsa3.28Free Agent
308Pat BethelDTMiami (Fla.)3.27Free Agent
309Reggie GilliamTE/H-backToledo
310Devin KingLSOhio

2020 NFL Draft: Michael Warren 5’10 218 (E) RB-Junior Cincinnati

Time to get NASTY (Our Summary): Most NFL teams will find it surprising in their research of Warren that he was a good kickoff returner in the AAC as a freshman. This lays credence to his level of hand-eye coordination and athleticism. It is a big reason the team has put so many different responsibilities on his plate during school. He was once described as having a “high football IQ” by Bearcats offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock. Jordan Howard (Bears, Eagles) is the player Warren most resembles currently playing in the NFL. Howard was also a big back with underrated athleticism when he came out of Indiana. Warren won’t blow up the workout circuit leading up to the draft, but he could surprise once he gets into an NFL training camp with his balance, lower body strength, vision and instincts. He needs to make sure he is in top-notch physical condition to ensure that possibility.

Editor’s note: For the full scouting report on Cincinnati RB Michael Warren or any other of your favorite 2020 NFL Draft prospects (including Strengths, Weaknesses and Other Notes), please check out Corey Chavous’ 2020 NFL Draft Guide (available later this year).